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June 28, 2005


Cathy Day

Hi, Suzanne. it's been a pleasure to read your column and read some great books! I can certainly commiserate with your column today-I too, have found that just about everything I really like is always discontinued. I even have to order tissues on-line (Kleenex menthol)! Just last weekend I found out that local stores are discontinuing the Yankee candle sachet packets, but I found them on-line too. But who knows for how long??? It also happened to my favorite bottled water and it happens at the grocery store all the time. I don't know why they don't notify me and let me stock up!!
Also, I was sad to hear about the death of your mother. It was just a little while ago when she had visited you in Florida if i recall. How is your step-father and more importantly, how is her dog? My heart breaks for animals that lose their people. I hope the dog is some consolation for your step-dad. Take care and keep up with the great columns and books. Take care, Cathy Day Richmond, VA

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