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April 11, 2005



I like how the beginnings of "Fumbling" starts out. Been there done that. As one of my favorite singers, Steve Taylor, says "It's harder to believe than not to." But then again, sometimes, it's harder to not believe than it is to believe, to resist that urge that seems to call you home or to a great mystery or dag gummed itch that just won't leave you alone and it seems saner in Spain than it does in the church down the street from where you grew up. It feels perfectly logical and insane and makes you feel like Spock and a shaman all at the same time.

Go figure.

Will buy if I don't win it in the drawing.


Read what I was able to read before work, and can connect with wath Kerry sought by this journey. You do not need to travel to find yourself and spritual connection. You can find it anywhere, if you decide to see what you need for your future.

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