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February 17, 2005



Your story about getting stuck in the shirt in the dressing room was hilarious! But don't feel bad, that's happened to me too. I was so embarrassed that, for a while, I never told anyone. Then one day at work, the other girls and I were sharing a few "I'm so stupid" funny stories with each other, and when I told that story, they all confessed that it'd happened to them too! It's that inital moment of panic (which usually occurs at a point when your arms and torso are at some pretty weird angles,you suddenly feel like a failed contortionist, and you're praying that some perv in the security dept of the store is not watching you on secret hidden camera) that causes you to thrash around like a hooked fish. And somehow in the moment of panicky thrashing, your arm or elbow comes free. It's then that you quickly get redressed (in your old baggy sweatshirt and faded jeans that you feel so suddenly thankful for) and vacate the premises immediately!

I love reading your columns! You make my day!

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