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January 31, 2005



My sister saw this author on "Oprah" and said she had an interesting point about "portion control". In the US, our food is so inexpensive that restaurants, and grocers can sell large portions and still make money. Hence the "supersizing" of America and our bottoms!

M. J. Clark

Weight and nutrition have been an issue with my family as long as I can remember. While in high school, I took a trip with my church group to North Carolina. On the trip, I discovered milk shakes at Stuckey's. Just image 2 weeks of milk shakes across America. Upon arriving home, my mother was stunned looking at her size 7 daughter up to a size 11. The pounds dropped off under my mother's usual meal plan. Not having learned my lesson by the time I went to college, the butterfingers and cokes before bed quickly put on the pounds. After reading the intro to "Why French Women Don't Get Fat", I see in print what I have learned the hard way. I have lots more to learn and hope to read the book!

Lynn Reinacher

Based on what I read this morning, I'm intrigued. Portion control seems to be the answer. I believe I will start keeping a journal for the next three weeks. I am sure I will be shocked!

I do enjoy your e-mails, have a great day!


This is a wonderful book!
I reserved both this book and The Fat Fallacy at the library, and The Fat Fallacy came in first. I read it and got the details from the science perspective of why we Americans are so fat and how the French eat and don't gain weight. Then I got this book last week, French Women Don't Get Fat, and read from a French woman's perspective of how to eat and not get fat. Same principles.
I'm using the principles now. Eat slowly, put your fork down between bites, and enjoy the flavors. Relax. Make your meal last. Eat "real" foods, not "fake" foods. I'm not hungry between meals, and I'm comfortably satisfied when I finish my meals. I no longer look for the low-fat, non-fat and convenience foods. I'd rather eat less of something more satisfying and enjoy it. It seems to be working. I'm eating less and enjoying it more. It's great!


I don't find it as helpful to chose a book to read when you don't have an overall summary of the book, as in "the cover of the book says......." Just printing the first chapter really doesn't tell you what the book is about. And I don't want to read a chapter a day. Can you summarize it, even if the book doesn't?

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