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November 24, 2004



You have to deep clean your cupboards, especially those with food... check every open container for any sign of them including eggs and throw it all out. I wipe all the shelves down thoroughly with soap and water. Make sure you take everything off every shelf, especially the ones up high and with any flour on them. You may have to do this more than once but it should get rid of the problem if you clean out the main nest. People tend to overlook the shelves higher up that they don't see clearly on a regular basis and this is where the problem starts. To prevent it, clean your shelves regularly and always put flour in a ziploc bag.


Yeah ive seen them forever, they dont go away, but it seems to me they die after awhile, there kinda like flies, they live for a period of time then die out, but the queen is definetly the brownish white ones, and sometimes there black, i dont know, but they are just everywhere, i hate them, cause ill pour a bowl of cereal and bam they infested it, and i wasted a whole bowl of milk, im like fudge, i totaly forgot about em, but keeping everything sealed, will keep them out your stuff, but as far as the house, not sure about that, i do know i see them walking around the carpet sometimes, i just smash em, but my cuboards are just full of them, i feel like sooner or later, a monsters gonna jump out and eat me,

hehe take care


Well, I just looked up this site because in my kitchen in the steamer is the brown Basmati rice I just cooked. It smells awful !!! I have read that some of you just at them and they do no harm. If this is true, why does it smell so bad?


Help!!!!! I am on a fixed income and a family of 3, I have thrown away more food then I can afford, I have had these bugs for over a year, I did every thing, vacumed washed with bleach, put in new paper, and then put NO food in the cupboard for monthS!!!!! all the while finding them in my pots and pans tupperware and cups!!! I have taken them all out and washed and redid everything!! but I can not get rid of these stupid bugs for nothing!!!!!!!
how can they live with no food for over a year!!!!every thing I buy I cook that night or put in the fridge, nothing works!!!! NOTHING! I want to be rid of them once and for all, I would like to be able to store food at home, HELP ME!!!!!!!

Richard Maury

we opened a sealed package of paper hankies, tookout one of the boxes and when we pealed off the cover discovered very tiny bugs all over the inside. We removed several of the hankies to find these tiny bugs inside every one. The bug is so small it is very hard to see - so small you almost need a magnifying glass. What are these bugs - does anyone else have them. They must have been in the package when it was first packed.

jennifer ahlquist

I notice that these posts are pretty old, i wonder if someone found something that works....These things are driving me crazy!!!!!! They are everywhere and i kill each one i see, i've cleaned the cabinets,and sometimes they are even in the living room! I don't understand how they get into everty bag like even the thick plastic noodles and stuff ???I was hoping to find the answer today, at least i know i'm not the only one going through this!!!

Jackie Dryden

Thanks for all the suggestions for weevil control. I am going to use all of the items suggested.. peppermint gum, bay leaves, cayenne pepper, matches and Eucalyptus leaves. If any of them work I won't know which item did it so I'll just keep those items there all the time! The weevils have been in my pasta, dry cereals and even in individual Hot Chocolate packages! I think a moth is the source because I have seen small moths in the cupboards at times and I assume they laid the eggs. But then I have seen webbing which would indicate some sort of cocoon. Whatever, those bugs drive me crazy!
Jackie Dryden, Aptos,CA


I've been seeing them in flour and rice since I was a child growing up in the tropics.
My mother would freeze everything and then store it in canisters. It helped, but every now and again there'd be a few again, and she'd freeze and sift, or throw away, depending on the amount of bugs.
Keeping all her corn-based products in SEPARATE airtight canisters from the get-go helped avoid spreading them, I cannot recommend this enough.

The thing is, if the infestation is severe, the food will smell and taste simply awful. Very characteristic smell and taste - once tried, never forgotten. I don't see anybody mentioning this. Yuck!

I just found a ton of creepy-crawlies in my flour yesterday and promptly dumped the bags in my freezer - am taking them back to the supermarket this morning. Will check the new bags before I get out of the store, and freeze them when I come home. Then transfer to large cans with tight-fitting lids, I know for a fact that the bugs cannot get in them.

Will try bay leaves and cedar to get rid of any bugs hiding out in the kitchen cabinets, hope to get them before they get to my pasta and cereals!

Jo Wragg

I keep my flour & dry products in tin canisters -- a tip from my grandmother to prevent weevils. I don't know the chemestry but it works. However, tin canisters are hard to find & not as cosmetically 'cool' -- I have had mine since 1949.
Jo Wragg -- Davis, CA 6/23/2011


Ugh I've been dealing with my first flour bug infestation for almost three months now. At first, I didn't realize what they were, then after terminix came to sprat, we learned the bugs were flour beetles. Since then, we found a cake mix infested, threw away a lot of dried foods, incessantly search/clean cupboards, and now store flour and other powders in glass/plastic jars/cannisters. We haven't seen any in the kitchen for a few weeks, though I found one near the kitty food, a dead one on the floor in the bathroom, and a large alive one in the bathroom last night. The weird thing is the bathroom is in the back of the apartment and I'm not sure how they are getting back there. I am wondering what they could be feeding on in the bathroom or if they are living in the walls away from food. They are such pests! My mother-in-law said to store flours in containers, I wish we had been more aware of these bugs before. They should teach about them in home-ec or science classes.


It took me a long time to get rid of my bug problem. Perhaps they don't like heat because I had a stove with a hood that vented through the attic and I kept my cereal in the cabinet above the stove next to that pipe and never had a problem with them in my cereal. I read that they didn't like tea so I put tea bags in one cabinet. I stored flour, cormeal, etc. in those huge Tupperware canisters and spagetti noodles etc. either in the refrigerator or in Tupperware.Found they don't like spices so I put small boxes like onion soup mix next to the spices. Once they got in a box of grits packages. I couldn't figure out how they got in until I saw a tiny hole right on top of the period at the end of a sentence; and not once but on every package. That's spooky. My chili powder stays in the refrigerator because I found them in a seldom used can one time. The whole can was squirming. Ugh.
One day after many years I realized I had not seen them for a long time.

Marg harley

I believe the white worms are moth larva. My husband loves oranges and any kind of citrus. We have learned that if he puts the peels in the cabinet we find dead bugs all of the time!! It doesn't work as well for the little weevils but it has stopped our moth problem!! You have to change the peels quite frequently, because by the time they dry up, they quit working!!

juanita bruce

2 things i've heard of, haven't tried. borax either sprinkled in the corners of cabinets or in a small container and just got an email about fabric softener Bounce will kill anything! Flys, roaches, etc...gonna give it a try, I live in Fl


We have these little critters in our basement. We have eliminated the food source, but they are still living. Have had them for 5 months now. Has anyone been able to get rid of them successfully? If so, how, and how long did it take?


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