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November 17, 2004



Suzanne, get yourself some Bay Leaves and put 3 or 6 in your flour and cereal and you will find the critters moving to another neighborhood very quickly. Hope this helps.
Your new reading buddy,
Gwynn Findlay (from Lakeland, Florida)

Ann Blake

Suzanne, Try keeping your flour in the refrigerator & bay leaves in your cabinets. No bugs!

pat meder

Today little tale about bugs made me laugh
I work for kelloggs cereal and how could
those bug have the nerve to go into our cereal. But you made me smilt.


Hi, i had to email you. that was so funny. I was taught to keep flour in the frige Aany way I take care of a 92 year old lady. And she called me a few weeks back She had open a new bag of flour and it was full of bugs. Anyway,So i know how bad they can get. In her case the flour was 2 years old. She had it in her pantry.


I'm subject to these bugs also,I live in Fl and just threw out all my food just before Christmas and they are back again!! I also noticed that the mullers pasta always seems to have the bugs so I don't buy that anymore.I will try the bay leaves but does anyone know where these bugs come from??I would like to get to the root of the problem.
Thanks in advance for any info Lisa

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