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August 15, 2017


Linda Freedman

What a wonderful column, and how close to my life it is!
I am 64 years old and have been painting for about four years.

I have always enjoyed looking at painting and other art forms, but because I can't draw well, I was told in high school by an unkind art teacher that I had no talent. I believed him. In my young mind, I thought "real art" should look realistic.

I was given a "sampler" of paints and pencils about eight years ago, and they sat in a drawer. I was adraid to "waste" them, not being a real artist, with training.

Then I attended an event that changed everything. Our local garden nursery hosts the Cheshire Art League's Art in the Garden show in October. I decided to go nd see it. There was a notice on a table for the November meeting of the Art Leage, free and open to the public. The woman at the table urged me to go. It was a hands-on demo meeting. I would have to bring my own supplies and participate. Talk about having mixed emotions!

The night of the meeting arrived and I was panic stricken. I almost didn't go. But I did. And I loved it! I had found "my people". I even got a hug from the president as she asked me if I had fun. I, too, began watching videos by artists and discovered my talent is in abstract painting. I have even sold a few! I am now one of the artists in the Art in the Garden shows.

All things come in the right time. I was not ready ten years ago. Now I am!

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